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Thoughts on the Monny Pie-tharn comeback show

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Old stuff: The Monny Pie-tharn team are making another comeback

Old stuff: The Monny Pie-tharn team are making another comeback

The surviving members of Monty Python – or as they are known in the US, Monny Pie-tharn – have announced they are making a comeback.

Sigh. I watched today’s press conference. Five old men sitting in a line, it reminded me of their famous “Yorkshiremen” sketch, which I confidently expect will feature in the show at the O2 Arena next year. And the Dead Parrot. And the Cheese Shop. And Always Look On The Bright Side of Life.

Cleese and Co have tentatively promised new material, but equally they know that diehard Pie-tharn fans will lynch them if they don’t do the old stuff. “We haven’t really written anything for 40 years,” Michael Palin admitted.

They don’t really have to. If the fawning questions from today’s assembled press pack are anything to go by they’ll simply have to turn up. Gales of hysterical laughter are guaranteed. As Stewart Copeland of the Police once said at the height of the band’s chart-topping success: “We could release an album of farting and it would still sell a million copies.”

I like Monny Pie-tharn, but let’s not forget that their hit rate in the original TV series was pretty lousy: for every Dead Parrot sketch there were at least five that bombed. It was only later, when they wrote Holy Grail and Life of Brian that they really proved themselves as comedy writers of enduring ability.

I tuned in to the press conference today half hoping they would announce a new film was in the works, because that’s something I’d really pay money to see.

As it is I won’t be paying upwards of £100 to watch all the hoary old sketches performed live on stage again (and having to use binoculars to see them), and certainly not when I can get the Live At The Hollywood Bowl DVD for £3.75 from Amazon.


Author: Jim Ford

I'm an author and journalist. "The Bug House" series of Tyneside-based crime novels is published in 2014

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