The Bug House Files


James Buglass“The room they call the Bug House is officially known as 23E, but gets its nickname from a long-dead, even longer-forgotten city Alderman called W James Buglass whose bewhiskered countenance glowers over the detectives from an ornate gold frame fixed to the wall by the door.

Apparently Buglass was instrumental in the formation of the Newcastle upon Tyne City Police back in the days when the wharves were jammed with barges and collier brigs and you couldn’t see from one side of the river to the other for masts and coal smoke.

His portrait had pride of place in the old West End police headquarters at Arthur’s Hill until the building was demolished, whereupon an enterprising detective, thinking it might be worth a few quid, quietly ensured that it got lost in the move to Westgate Road.

When he discovered it was worth very little indeed, he bequeathed it to West End CID, who in turn lost it to the Major Crime Unit in a game of poker. Now, scrawled onto Buglass’s luxuriant white mutton chops, are the signatures of every detective who has ever worked on the squad.”


The Alderman keeps a beady eye on the Bug House at all times. Now he wants to hear what YOU think of DCI Theo Vos and his team.

You can write  to him using the form below:


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