The Bug House Files


Set on Tyneside, in the north-east of England, the BUG HOUSE series introduces  DCI Theo Vos and his team of  major crime detectives. Short, razor sharp, and fizzing with uncompromising action and memorable characters, THE BUG HOUSE SERIES offers an invigorating new slant on the modern crime genre. 

But be warned: read one, and you’ll be hooked.


ankleDCI Theo Vos does not regard himself as a typical middle-aged cop. He doesn’t have a drink problem, he’s not depressed and he really hates jazz. OK, he’s divorced – but that’s because his wife ran off to Florida with a dentist, leaving him to look after their teenage son.

In any case, who’s got time for domestic problems when your job is presiding over the Bug House? Like all close-knit families, Vos’s team has its fair share of dysfunction, dark secrets and competing egos – except when they are working on a case.

 And when a dead drug dealer seemingly falls from a clear blue sky, the team are faced with their most baffling case yet.

 The investigation takes them into the heart of Newcastle’s underworld and beyond, to where the city’s real criminal powerbrokers exist behind a thin veneer of respectability.

But even good men have guilty secrets – and it could be that Vos’s are more sinister than most. And just maybe, as he finds himself facing every parent’s worst nightmare, they are about to catch up with him.

  • Due for publication in ebook March 2014



OystonTwo men have been beaten to death in a Newcastle park. One is a mild-mannered librarian, the other a member of a gang of armed robbers from the 1970s.

It’s no mystery who killed them.  But Walter Oyston – ex-boxer turned violent wino – is also dead, his heart having given out before his liver. 

Is it a simple case of mistaken identity? Or have the ghosts of Newcastle’s criminal underworld  returned seeking vengeance on one of their own? 

Following hot on the heels of their last breathless investigation comes another baffling case for DCI Theo Vos and the team from the Bug House. 

This time, to discover the motive for two apparently senseless present day murders, they must hunt for clues hidden deep in the past. 

And for Vos, whose career as a detective spans the generations,  that means unearthing painful truths of his own.

  • Due for publication in ebook June 2014


Book 3: IN VITRO

hooseNobody likes a loan shark, and the list of people who wanted Ged Salkeld dead would fill the Newcastle phone book.

But who would go to the extreme of torching Salkeld’s house while his wife and children were upstairs sleeping?

This is the question facing DCI Theo Vos and his team of detectives from the Bug House as they search through the charred wreckage for clues to the identity of a cold-blooded multiple murderer.

Newcastle, it seems, is a city up to its eyes in debt  and, for once, there is no shortage of suspects. But are the dead as innocent as they seem?

Meanwhile when an old case resurfaces it provides welcome relief from the carnage for new girl  Detective Constable Kath Ptolemy.

 Until, that is, it turns into a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with a killer who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

  • Due for publication in ebook October 2014



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